Powering the future

Climate change is one of the critical challenges of our time. We pledge to facilitate a future of clean, sustainable energy whilst creating a lasting legacy.

L-Energy is at the forefront of the shift towards renewable energy solutions in Asia and brings diverse expertise to help you succeed on your sustainability journey.


Ensuring a better future for all.

L-Energy is a dynamic renewable energy enterprise based in Singapore, founded by a passionate team of self-starters who came together with a shared vision of being at the forefront of complex renewable energy projects. L-Energy works with leading businesses and ecosystem partners across Asia to deliver renewable energy solutions to ensure a better future for all.

The power to transform


L-Energy believes in accountability for a sustainable future that begins with responsible business practices and a desire to make a difference.

Creating a lasting legacy.

Our vision is to power a positive transformation within the international renewable energy market. Our vision is simple, but it holds true in all we do. We aim to bring our heads, our hearts and hands to seek out new solutions for the future of renewables.

Innovative approach.

L-Energy believes in working together to secure safe, clean power solutions for people and the environment. Our innovative approach starts with positive action, and we recognise that business-as-usual is no longer enough.

Making things better.

With a wealth of collective experience, L-Energy has the power to make a difference. We know that people desire sustainable living. We acknowledge that businesses aspire to do the right thing. Our growing team of experts can empower you to make the change. L-Energy’s reach is limitless.


Providing you with customer-focused environmental solutions.

Power of eco-system innovation.

To succeed in bringing a long-term shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, L-Energy believes in building strong partnerships across our industry ecosystem to deliver Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions that will unlock the limitless potential of renewables for businesses and individuals. With this collective power of innovation, L-Energy is committed to providing you with customer-focused environmental solutions for reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, and accelerating renewables.



Planning and Project Management


Engineering and Construction




Operations and Management


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)


Carbon Markets


L–Energy’s key people.

Our leadership team is ready to power L-Energy for the future. Together, they inspire and lead our people to be more productive, innovative and impact-driven, so that together we can create and offer world-changing products and services, leaving a lasting legacy.

Mr Ong Wei

Acting Chief Executive Officer​

Ms Susan Choo

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Andy Lim

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Bobby Cheng

Chief Business Development Officer

Ms Yelena Seah

General Manager


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Mr Ong Wei

At L-Energy’s helm is Acting CEO, Ong Wei. A pioneer of Singapore’s domestic capital markets, he has over 20 years of Corporate and Investment Banking experience. During the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, he shaped the development, promotion and growth of capital markets in Singapore, supporting important Monetary Authority initiatives.

At Citicorp Investments, he helped the bank win “Bond House of the Year” consecutively in 1998, 1999 and 2000, during the annual Euromoney rankings. Apart from Citibank, Ong Wei has had various stints at CSFB and HSBC.

Having built and run a successful Capital Markets Financial Advisory, Ong Wei’s proven experience across financial services, capital markets and private equity, sets him well to drive L-Energy towards strategic growth.

Ms Susan Choo

Susan Choo is Chief Financial Officer of L-Energy. She has finance experience of over 30 years that span across auditing, stockbroking, media technology and healthcare sectors. She has risen and worked across corporate levels to oversee a functional range of duties in compliance, tax, financial accounting, Mergers & Acquisition, IPO and corporate planning during her career.

As CFO, she manages the company’s coffers and strategic financial planning for its business growth and current operations across markets. Susan received her accreditation by ACCA(UK) in 1988 and is a Fellow of both ACCA, United Kingdom and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Mr Andy Lim

Andy Lim is Chief Operating Officer of L-Energy. A professional mechanical and aerospace engineer by training, Andy started his career in aviation and moved into the build and eco-engineering sector in 2008. He has over 15 years’ experience in engineering, procurement and construction. Since 2017, he has led the company’s project teams to successfully deliver significant solar and eco-engineering works across the SE-Asia region.

A hands-on leader in the field, Andy has worked with Singapore’s Defense Ministry and Housing & Development Board to design, integrate and build green-energy power generation projects. He also oversees the renewable energy certification and carbon market business of the company.

Mr Bobby Cheng

Bobby Cheng is L-Energy’s Chief Business Development Officer. He is focused on the company’s Southeast Asia green-solutions and alternative energy business, namely in the industrial commercial, government and residential markets.

His experience in real estate development and industrial production enables him to seek out opportunities that are aligned to L-Energy’s strategic business direction and growth plans.

Bobby focuses especially on renewal energy markets across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. He is also responsible for establishing the company’s presence internationally.

Ms Yelena Seah

Yelena Seah is General Manager at L-Energy. She manages the company’s daily operations from project planning, construction management, compliance to building authority, manpower, equipment maintenance and new business. Her career in renewable energy started in 2014, beginning with commercial sales of solar panels, inverters and energy storage systems.

Today, she oversees various construction projects here at L-Energy. From manpower to material procurement, supplier management and site logistics.

Fast to react to daily ground changes and with an eye always on the ball, Yelena keeps L-Energy’s build projects running smoothly and efficiently.